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Are you looking for that special wedding or birthday present?  Does your kitchen scream for a mural or your child's room need hippos dancing in tutus?  Would you really love to have a portrait of your children , the family dog and your Grandmother, but the picture doesn't exist? Come take a look at what I can offer you...people and pet portraits, Carved eggs and gourds, paintings, drawings, hand painted tiles, all sorts of graphics !  I also LOVE to face paint, create magnificent temporary tattoos in Henna, do calligraphy, write, love to silversmith, and model with anything I can manipulate with my hands.  Basically, I'm game for anything.

So come on in and check out my site.  I am working on a shopping cart system, but haven't quite figured it out.  As for now, if you like something and would like that specific item or something similar, just send me an email and we'll get you set up.


Thank you for your interest,

Shelley Capovilla


Bay Area Entertainer
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