About Me:

I think I was born with a paintbrush either in my hand or tucked behind my ear.  I donít think I have an article of clothing that doesnít have paint, glue,burn marks from woodburning, metalburn marks or glitter on it somewhere.  I have paint tucked under the seats of my car, scissors in the glove box and sketchpads behind the seats. I color with the crayons as much as my boys do.  There are paintings and drawings stashed in every available empty space in my house.   I love creating.  I love helping other people learn to create.

I believe there are people who are born with an innate talent, but I also believe that no one is born uncreative.  I firmly believe that every person who can tell red from green and can differentiate a circle from a square can transfer what they see into some medium. You might not be the next disciplined Rembrandt, but maybe you are the next Grandma Moses.  You might take a drawing lesson and figure out what you really want to do is 3 dimensional work. If that's the case, then we'll take you into dimensional artwork; sculpting, texture paints, even origami or woodwork.  

I am a professional artist who is not formally trained. Please do not assume that if an artist did not take formal lessons that they're not legitimate. It does not mean that I and other artists like me are not dedicated and schooled in our craft.  We just took a different path of discovery.  What I know Iíve learned on my own, either by my own trial and error, material I have studied or things my wonderful friends have taught me. I have taken MANY classes.  I just never put the classes together to get the degree.   Iím not caught up in the whys but in the hows.  In my classes, I want students to do what I do at first and then to let loose and do exactly what they want to. I do believe some people are born with a natural ability to transfer their emotions and thoughts in a medium, but I don't believe anyone is born unable to create. If you're a person who doesn't know how to create, it's my job to teach you how to find that vein and tap into it.

My passion is teaching kids.  Theyíre eager and appreciative, get paint all over and truly love to create without the stress of worrying how they compare.  I love to see them spark.  I love to see the flash of creative knowledge in their eyes when their own hands construct something amazing.

This is who I am, just an artist who loves to share her gift. 

Technical info: I am a muralist, a miniaturist and a tile painter. I carve ostrich eggs, gourds, glass and shells, do calligraphy, scratchart, people and pet portraits, design logos, business cards and menus, illustrate cookbooks , sculpt and do ceramics. I do beadwork. siilversmithing, jewelry design, and I LOVE to go to the beach and make 30 foot relief sculptures in the sand, knowing theyíll be gone with the next high tide or misstep. I worked as a florist for awhile but rarely do flowers anymore.  I teach art classes at my sonsí school and give private lessons.  I donate my abilities to several organizations.  

My mediums: watercolor, acrylic, tempura, airbrush, oil pastel, soft pastel, charcoal, colored pencil, eggs, gourds, Pebeo paints, scratchboard, glass, and regular old crayon, silver, bronze, and beadwork.

Tools:  low end golden taklon brushes for most, but I do use high quality sable and Russian squirrel brushes for watercolor;  Golden acrylics, Yarka and Cottman watercolors with whatever surface hasn't been painted yet including shoes; Dremel. Power Carver, TurboCarver, Foredom Flexshaft for carving; and  a Little Smith torch for silversmithing; I use a Badger airbrush for tee shirts and tattoos and Creatix paints.  


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