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Henna is a plant dye that is ground and mixed with other natural ingredients .  The longer the paste stays on the body, the longer the tattoo will last.  Henna tattoos on the feet and hands are a traditional Eastern adornment for weddings.  People also "test-run"  permanent tattoos with a henna tattoo that can last up to 2 weeks.  Teams often get their logo tattooed on the player's bodies because they last through games and sweating.  They're a great addition to a sweet 16  or a bachelorette party, school or company functions.  




































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Glitter tatoos are fun and last for many days.  They are bright, quick, and  survive through the party's activities and beyond.  I use polyester glitter which is the safest glitter to use on the body and especially the face.  The glue is cosmetic grade and can be removed simply with baby wipes, body oil or alcohol.  










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The paints I use are of the highest quality and are safe for the body.  I can create most patterns the client might want, work very well with kids amd  understand the mayhem that can happen at a party. I have my own tent and tables which I will bring if my client asks.  

I have two full design books and will gladly create a special design for a significant day.


















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