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These balls are handfrosted and then painted with a very thin brush.  A "window" of clear glass is left and the design is painted on the opposing, frosted side, creating a "look-through".  Because of the frosting on the glass, when these lay against the lights on a tree, they glow with the diffused color of the light.   The more popular patterns are:  The Church in the trees, Ice Skaters, skiers, kids building snowmen, snowmen by themselves, peace doves, dove and  cross, Santa's Sleigh, Santa, The elves and Santa, Deer in the snow, the Christmas Waltz.

peace ball


This is the same ball, the 1st being during the day and the 2nd at night with a Christmas tree light behind it.  Because of the frosting on the balls  glow with diffused light.  

Personalized Christmas balls make a touching gift....and they don't cost much, but every Christmas when the ornaments come out, these bring warm fuzzy memories.

The colored balls lend themselves to any pattern, any subject.  I've done pigs dancing in tutus, rats riding Harleys and carrying Christmas trees, naughty Santas, etc.  Whatever you can think of, I can paint on a ball.  


Holiday Tiles

What a great hostess or houswarming gift.  A tile painted specifically for your hostess to use on the table when she serves you that special dinner.  My tiles are oven and dishwasher safe, can be warmed up and slipped into the breadbasket to keep your bread nice and toasty.  And, it can be personalized to say anything you'd like. ....names, birthdays, 1st Christmas, etc.








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