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Shelley's Faces Fantastic!  has two full books of designs, from octopuses to spaceships, zombies to princesses to Angry birds to Hello Pony , aliens crawling out of your skin or cute sugar skulls, We have glitter and gems which we use in abundance.


Our supplies are the best on the market and are considered safe use on the body.  Our glitters are polyester so that by the off chance they get in the eye, they don't scratch like the aluminum glitter will.

Our Rates:


1 artist:

1 hour 90

1,5 hours 135.00

2 hours 170.00

2..5 hours  205

3 hours 240

every quarter hour after that is am additional 15.00

2nd artist:

1 hour 85.00

1.5 hours 125

2 hours  160

2.5 hours 190

3 hours 205

every quarter hour after that is am additional 10.00

3rd artist is 70.00 per hour







I will take 10.00 off your next party for referrals and take 10% off for

repeat bookings

















skull and roses face paint by shelleys-style

marissa's face paint design

soft butterfly face paint by shelley's faces fantastic!

hibiscus face paint






shelley's faces fantastic - batman with glasses





shelley capovilla red spiderweb


shelleys-style  wonderwoman






shelleys-style sugar skull

shelleys-style bunnyface