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posters, banners, ads, fliers for schools, you name it, I design it.  

Logos are interesting and deceptively difficult, take longer than one would think,

get tweaked and tinkered with long after I think they should be done and bounce around in my head even after

I've presented them to my client.   Product identity must be kept in mind when one is designing a logo.

You want someone to instantly identify a company when they see your logo design and you want your ad to speak volumes

with just a couple of lines.  The design needs to look good both tiny on a label and blown up 2 stories high if necessary.


With ads, the fewer the words, the more impact the ad has.  Studies have shown that a lot of verbage makes your reader

shy away and NOT read the page.  So, only the pertinent information in a well organized format   

and a good visual are what's required for a successful ad.


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