Along the pathway that my life has travelled I've picked up great adventures,

great causes, great friends.  It's my honor to share these links to companies and

people of integrity with you.        



Gale Taft has started a company in Napa that gives tours of the downtown area and surrounding countryside.  She's full of wonderful humorous anecdotes and best of all, you get to ride Segways!  If you've never ridden a segway, they are like horseless chariots....very cool.,very fun.....very memorable....mention that Shelley sent you for some special treatment..

Becky Tyner has investigated almost every boutique winery in Napa.  She's found wonderful little artisan wineries that pride themselves on their select products and clientele.  By checking out her site, you can set up tours of these wonderful places.

Art supplies that are consistently delivered on time and correctly.  They often have good sales or deals on shipping. If you're in a smaller town that doesn't have dedicated art supply stores, Dick Blick's prices and selection will blow you much better than craft stores.

This is a great site for people who like the Word Power puzzlers in Reader's Digest.  For every word you get right, this site will send 10 grains of rice overseas.  This is a great site for kids and adults to practice their vocabulary.

MathScore is a math drilling site for children.  It really strengthens their speed and accuracy.

Every time you click on this site different companies donate money for mammograms for poorer women.  It's easy, it's quick, it helps.

If you're anxious about the dentist then try out Dr. Sandy Arita.  It's a friendly office of women that truly like each other and like their patients. Dr. Arita is quite gentle and efficient. She's a good dentist and I trust with my sensitive mouth and my children's.

Mike is an amazing DJ.  He has a discerning ear for all types of music and has an outstanding playlist.  





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