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If you find these interesting, just contact me to talk about your project.  I'm fairly fast, open to change and my rates are very competitive.  I will travel but will pass on a charge to the customer if it's too far from home.  I can either create from a general idea or work with you to capture a specific image you would like displayed.  There are a couple of murals I have chosen not to include here because their subjects are not the most appropriate. I am not adverse to painting the human form or subjects that have a harsher edge. I will not be offended by any inquiry, but if I'm not comfortable with the subject, your answer will be "no".


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This teen wanted an underwater mural with iridescent fish.  The mermaid is representative of the girl who's room this is painted in.



This teen Mural has 17 fairies in total with the girl who's room it is painted in as the queen of the faires.

The total mural covered 3 walls and took 2 days to complete.

This young girl's mural is behind a white canopy bed and the room is a princess theme



I love to do nursery school murals.  They're fun and whimsical paintings and I try to get the children to help in some capacity.  The above images are at the Cupertino Co-Op Preschool and my murals are in three rooms and on one shed outside.  



I LOVE to do nursery murals and children's murals.  I love the whimsy and the joy in the

characters and I love the thought of a child

being surrounded by happy images.







6' x 30'  fence - animals:  dolphins, pelicans, rabbits, toads,

deer -  I can send a better pic if you're interested in seeing this

blown up.








The mural above covers a span of three classrooms and has had 300 students come and help paint fish.  We've have every grade help and kids from years ago come and still know where "their" fish is.










Portraits  Tiles    Paintings   Drawings  Murals   Graphics    Facepainting    Christmas Shoppe  Eggs and Gourds  About Me     Contact Me

This mural really does have straight lines. (No leaning Tower of Piza rendition).   I may be a good renderer, but I'm not always the best photographer.



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