oil pastel pet german sheapard dog portrait

   oil pastel  of a German Sheppard




  colored pencil portrait of 9 year old boy 

         Colored Pencil portrait of Michael




  funeral portrait

     Colored Pencil funerary portrait



pet dog charcoal and chalk portrait

charcoal and chalk dog portrait


Colored pencil collage of 2

pictures of a malimute.









Portraits make wonderful gifts. I happen to be very good at capturing that tilt of the mouth and the sparkle in the eyes.  

I am very quick and can usually turn a portrait around in a couple of days, or faster if necessary.  

I work from photos and prefer your favorite snapshots rather than a professional photo. It doesn't matter what's in the background or if  you are wearing a torn up shirt or the kids have ice cream smudges on their face, or your dog's legs are covered in mud. I can change all of that.  

Do you wish you had a picture with Great Aunt Sara and your children together to give to your Mom? Send me the separate photos and I can morph them together on the paper or canvas.

Everything can be handled over the internet.  Just  email me your photos.


colored pencil siamese cat portrait

colored pencil siamese cat portrait



Oil Pastel  18" x 24" - original photo was in bad condition and 2" x 3"

Pencil, Simple style



Simple Charcoal





            chalk portrait of matthew

                       Chalk and Pastel



anniversary portrait

               chalk pastel anniversary portrait



acrylic horse and dog portrait

          acrylic horse and dog portrait -

When my nephew was in the hospital for  weeks suffering through leukemia, he really missed his pets.  I took two separate pictures and constructed this portrait for him to have with him there at the hospital















         colored pencil portrait

                         Soft Pastel













Each medium lends itself to a different style, each style takes a different amount of time, therefore each is charged differently and I can't give a pat answer, but I am reasonable and well within the normal range for hand drawn portrait work. This is a general chart of pricing, but please be aware that this price is for normal, good quality photos that are easy to work from.  If we are morphing pics together, if the pictures are old or are not sharp or are faded out, then it takes me longer and consequently, it will cost more.  



or SOFT PASTEL(chalk)

8 x 10" colored pencil, charcoal or chalk $ 95

16 x 20 colored pencil,charcoal or chalk $210

18 x 24 charcoal, pastel or colored pencil $260

20 x 24 charcoal, pastel or colored pencil $290

24 x 30 chalk pastel or colored pencil $360

30 x 36 chalk pastel or colored pencil $450




Oil Pastel - 8 x 10 $95

16 x 20  Oil Pastel $200

18 x 24  Oil Pastel $300

20 x 24 Oil Pastel $350

24 x 30 Oil Paste $420

30 x 36 Oil Pastel $510



12 x 18 Acrylic $ 200

16 x 20 acrylic $250

20 x 24 Acrylic $285

24 x 30 Acrylic $330

30 x 36 acrylic $380



16 x 20 watercolor $300

20 x 24 watercolor $345

24 x 30 Watercolor $390

30 x 36 watercolor $440






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